Too many times my patients have said that they have seen previous chiropractors or physiotherapists time after time again, week after week without experiencing any real changes in the condition that they came in for.

So what are the qualities I should be looking at when I choose to go to the chiropractor or physiotherapist?

Lower Back Pain AssessmentThese are the points that make our service different and unique in the area:

  1. Is the treatment evidenced based? This is probably one of the most important and yet most difficult questions to answer. It means is the practitioner is following what the research tells us, when it comes to your injury. If you are finding they have been seeing you twice a week for 10 weeks for a simple ankle sprain it is a good sign you should probably look elsewhere!
  2. Is the treatment active? Treatment is all about you not the health practitioner. What you want to see is that the practitioner is making you take an active part of the process not a passive part! If the practitioner is giving you exercises and advice on the best ways to manage your condition and empowering you to take control so you don’t have to see them over and over you have come to the right place! You are the controller of your own health and a weekly massage just isn’t going to cut it!
  3. Is the treatment at least 15-20 minutes long? In less than 15-20 minutes how can a practitioner possibly monitor your progress, treat your injury effectively and review the exercises and all you should be doing away from the clinic? Short answer is they can’t! Well at least I know I can’t! Good effective care is not about getting the patients in and out the door quickly it’s about taking the time to working through your problems to help you be the best you can be.
  4. Is the chiropractor or physiotherapist happy to work alongside your Medical Doctor? Healthcare is by far too complex not to be a team sport. Therefore it goes without saying they should be happy to work with your GP!
  5. Is there a clear diagnosis? Too many times have I heard patients say “no one has really ever told me or shown me what is going on.” If there is no diagnosis there is no clear treatment. You should be able to get a straight answer about what is going on, how will it be treated and how long it will take.

Now you know what to look for go out there and find someone who will make a real difference in your health!

Because your health matters!