Research has shown that 90% of patients with disc pain get better with chiropractic services. Your Health Sport & Spine chiropractic services can help you with a herniated disc and lower back pain.

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What is an intervertebral disc?

An intervertebral disc is located between adjacent vertebrae in the vertebral column and each disc forms a joint that allows slight movement of the vertebrae. They also act as ligaments that hold the vertebrae together and act as shock absorbers in the spine.

When they are healthy, discs are resilient and help the proper functioning of the spine. However, when discs are affected with any kind of physical trauma, herniation occurs.

What causes disk pain?

disc pain disc bulgingDiscs are filled with a gel substance that acts as a shock absorber. When they are damaged or ruptured, this gel substance will leak or dry, causing the discs to shrink or move from their original position. This leaves the spine open to injury and damage.

When the disc has become herniated, it can slip or tear which decreases the space between vertebrae. This condition can cause multiple problems, such as pinched nerves, nerve damage, painful friction and band posture, all of which manifest in pain and health issues. All of the body´s organs are connected to the spine and any issue with the spine has the potential to spread to other parts of the body.

There are many things that can go wrong with a vertebral disc, such as a traumatic injury or an excessive pulling or lifting accident. Getting older can also cause disc deterioration, a condition also known as degenerative disc disease. Most disc injuries happen in the lower back and when a lumbar disc is damaged, it puts pressure on the nerve root which causes radiating pain and weakness in other parts of the body, including legs, ankles and buttocks. Cervical herniated discs can cause pain and weakness in the arm and wrist, as well as other symptoms such as pain and numbness in the shoulders.

Facts & Figures

  • As weird as it sounds, you can herniate your disc by coughing and sneezing. A sudden sneeze or cough can put extra pressure on your back and spine, and this can push the disc’s gel substance out of the disc.
  • Most cases of herniated discs happen to people between the ages of 30 and 50
  • As high as 56% of adults have disc bulging
  • MRI scans show that almost 35% of all working age adults have asymptomatic disc herniation

How can we help you with your disc pain?

Chiropractic treatment consists of a conservative and nonsurgical approach to treating disc pain and all other disc related problems. Often, chiropractic care is recommended by doctors and physicians before taking any surgery.

Here at Your Health Sport & Spine in the Hills District, we will conduct a thorough examination before starting any treatment. This examination will include posture analysis, pelvic balance, reflex checking and limb measurement and will help to identify whether the disc pain is caused by injury or disease.

Once the root cause of your disc pain has been identified, we will start with the chiropractic treatment. Herniated discs are preventable and completely treatable conditions where success rate is significantly increased if the condition is detected before the damage has had the chance to become permanent.

The most effective treatments for disc pain and herniated discs are spinal decompression and manual adjustments. Your Health Sport & Spine is specialised in non-invasive and non-surgical treatment of disc pain in which we use only the latest technologies and procedures to provide you with a long-term and pain-free solution.